Required Reading: Venice's Palazzos, Vignettes, Rajasthan And More...

From the colors and textures of India to the modern and serene interiors of Vicente Wolf, a list of exciting new book releases.

The Four Elements of Design: Interiors Inspired By Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Design guru Vicente Wolf guides us through his decorating approach informed by the natural elements. 

Inside Venice: A Private View of the City's Most Beautiful Interiors. The Old World grandeur of Venice's palazzos and private apartments are laid bare through lavish photography. Anyone interested in design and craft must get this book. 

Rajasthan. Palaces, colors, intricate patterns, history, culture - everything about this glorious place. 

It's The Little Things. Susanna Salk rounds up the world's top decorators and asks them to share their favorite vignettes and gives advice on how we can create layered settings ourselves. 


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