Introducing The Blue Carreon Home Mariposa

When I first introduced the Galapagos Ant to my collection, little did I know that it will be a such a success. To follow it up, I thought long and hard as to what to do next. I toyed around with many different ideas but in the end the butterfly trumped all of them. Inspiration for the butterfly objet, which I have lovingly called Mariposa, came varied sources — Damien Hirst's paintings, the Valentino collection embroidered and printed with butterflies, and Mother Nature's beauty. In creating the Mariposa, I decided to go with two version: one in all brass and the other features white shell on its wings. The former looks modern while the latter has the effect of jewelry.

I hope you like the Mariposa and it will be in stores and online in the next couple of weeks. And I cannot wait to share with you the rest of the pieces from the new Blue Carreon Home collection.

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