Required Reading

Just as I look forward to new fashions when September rolls around, I also get excited by new book releases. I collect a design books and here are four tomes I am most looking forward to:

Oscar de la Renta: His Legendary World of Style by Andre Leon Talley. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. de la Renta years ago, a kind, warm soul. It will be fascinating to read Andre's personal reflections on the life and legacy of this legendary designer.

Carolyn Roehm: At Home in the Garden. I've always said that Carolyn Roehm has the best life what with her enviable homes and gardens. I can't wait to take pointers on how she arranges flowers.

Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman. Written by her grandson Alexander Vreeland, the book looks at the editrix's body work during her years at Harper's Bazaar, which to me were the golden age of fashion magazines. How do you compete with the trifecta composed of Vreeland, Carmel Snow and Richard Avedon?

Eddie Ross: Modern Mix. I follow Eddie Ross on Instagram and I am always inspired by his talent at mixing unexpected pieces together. This book will clue us in on his brand of style.



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